We are proud owners of a nice 4ft X 8ft raised bed. It took 2 yards of compost + loam+ other good organic stuff to fill. 2 yards  and lots and lots of hours of carrying soil from one end of the driveway to this far away garden. So much so I was thinking if this whole thing was worth it and if I should hire someone to do it. luckily  for me R has more patience and great hauling ability so we now are all set.

we also have a 2X10 raised wall filled with the same wonderful organic compost mix . so I decided after much angst and consultation with Google to grow zucchini and cucumbers in that space as they tend to take over the space. My raised bed will have crop rotations of beans, tomatoes, eggplant and lettuce with some herbs. with the beans planted staggered ( so as to ensure continuous crop) followed by fall plantings of cold weather crops, of radish, carrots, cauliflower etc., etc.,

Oh yeah I can plan really well in my head 🙂 now translating it to actual action…. hmmmm lets see

I have beans seeds ready, have to go buy baby tomato and eggplant plants. the various peppers, Zucchini and cucumber seedlings sprouting ( thanks to teen R)  and have decided I’m going to do my deck pots with flowers first. A little color will enhance my mood and my gardening ability ( or so I say to myself). I don’t understand why my seeds didn’t sprout into cute little seedlings while teen R’s did? same spot, same sun and I diligently watered.

This fad of mine has turned into a many hundreds investment which I now realize I could have used the money to buy vegetables from our local farm for at least a yr with 😦  but R is very enthusiastic and encouraging about our vegetable garden. He should be  – After all he’s spent the most time and labor setting it up 🙂 although I call it ‘ My vege Garden’.