Spring is here and with good weather I get good ideas 🙂 I joined a gardening program at work, since I have a very brown thumb I decided to do something about it. There’s a company that comes and educates us on growing veggies and we have 10 raised beds. It’s fun and organic and great time pass, free veggies with not much work. After all even I can water plants once a week.

So I decided that with the abundant land we have I was going to garden at home too, yes I know been there done that but I don’t let previous failures bring me down. I asked R if he would build a raised bed and he readily agreed, he’s a glutton for punishment too 🙂  Anyway we are now proud owners of enough lumber for a 4X8 raised bed 2.3Ft tall, so it keeps the various animals out, maybe we’ll go for 3 ft. who knows depending on how much the compost and soil is going to cost.

R is building the beds . The weed preventer is down, so is the chicken wire and the surrounding stepping stones. one frame is up. one more to go. yesssss

My hope is if I follow exactly what we do at work and copy the same planting, same organic fertilizing, same techniques at the same time, I should get the same wonderful plants and yield? No? R is a bit skeptical but as usual very supportive of my idiotic ideas. Teen R and Ms. A think I’ve lost my mind. They hang out nearby and watch us with occasional useless suggestions.

Hopefully I won’t lose interest mid-way. That’s my real worry. Come nice warm days ( like yesterday) I’d much rather go for a long walk and drag R with me ( like I did yesterday) or settle down with a book in the deck.

I know R is humoring me, worse case I put the plants in and forget about them. Oh well wait and watch I guess. For now my fabulous raised bed is coming up. No bending, no tilling just wonderful planting. And dreams of tasty organic veggies grown in my own garden.