I’m M , Wife to 1, Mother to 2, Employee to many, Employer to none, Resident Cook , Helper, Future Great artist  and Feminist .

       Live in New England , surrounded by nature, water, lots of books, 2 noisy kids ( R and A)  , 1 man ( Also R) and plenty of good friends and great farms.

      I like hanging out with the family ,  long walks , Painting, beaches, good food, good friends, sunshine, books, Chai, some gardening ( although I have absolutely no part of green in my thumb) and sometimes cooking . I like to read cookbooks , it is an obsession that rarely gets converted into actual food. My specialty is speed cooking, in and out of the kitchen as fast as i can. As a family we like to travel and while we travel  I sometimes enthusiastically bug the locals for recipes of something we loved and promptly forget it. so from now on this shall be the place to stash them. I also like to read mindless sappy romances and lately am enjoying Indian authors writing romcoms especially after a long day with a cup of chai.

      I love to try new strange foods albeit vegetarian and scare the heck out of the family,but somehow lately I’ve sticking to Indian food from other states and leaving the Italian,Mexican,baking et all to the wonderful chefs in the fine restaurants  we have here.

      I’m Hoping to collect recipes that we like and have tweaked and stash it here for posterity or at least for when my kids ( R and A) show an interest in cooking . The thoughts part is just for fun, I have a million thoughts buzzing in my head on an hourly basis , sometimes good ,sometimes crazy sometimes …you don’t want to know. I have never been known for my restraint so I speak what I think , this is just an extension  – I write them down here sometimes .

   I plan to get authentic recipes from family especially the aged part of the family 🙂 and friends and  have a collection . It’s still in the planning stage !!!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nice blog, looking forward to reading more from you :):)


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