Opos  type Sambar .


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                     I’m not sure this is true opos, it’s a one pot meal (instant pot) done fast. Without me having to turn on my stove. It is not true OPOS technique I think, again I’m no expert but this worked for me with good taste and hence a keeper.

                       It was a day for dosa,idli and I like that with sambar ( and only sambar) the rest of the family doesn’t require this , so I make this for myself and make enough to pass it off the next meal with rice . I used the instant pot, which has a sauté mode, hence not needing more than dish plus has the added bonus of depth therby keeping the surroundings clean, especially the stove. I usually roast and grind sambar masala, and cook toor dal and keep , but this was a lazy quick day so I used ½ bisibele masala and ½ sambar powder ( MIL jai ho) . I don’t know if the toor dal soaking made a difference, but it was all cooked.. I had ms. A soak it in boiling water when she came from school, she probably stuck it in the microwave for a min to get it hot..  Here is what I did

In saute mode:

  • Add 2 spoons oil – tadka.. ( lots of curry leaves) – I used a ghee since I didn’t have anything else. Turn off sauté.
  • Add toor dal ¼  cup  ( I had Ms. soak it in hot water a couple of hrs. before I went home)
  • +  moong dal ¼ cup + 1 cup water
  • + 1 cup veggies ( I went with small onions,  carrot and bell pepper)
  • + 1 spoon sambar powder ( mixed with bisibele masala)
  • + 2 tomatoes chopped (mine were med sized)
  • + lime size piece of tamarind (broken into tiny pieces)
  • + bit of jaggery
  • + salt
  • + turmeric ( I add this to everything ) in the hope of warding off Alzheimer’s .
  • Closed, high pressure 20 min.

                   I opened it a while later. Kind of mashed up everything, added a bit of water, couple spoons ghee and coriander leaves on top..oh my it was delicious. I have no idea what made it so good, strong flavors. The veggies were kind of mushy but then I don’t care its to eat with idli, I set it on slow cook till we ate.  Flavorful sambar. The color itself was so good, mine usually is a dirty brown unappetizing mess. However, this one was really good.

                  Now whether I can duplicate this is a big question, there is no guarantee to that, but I think any version of this will come out well, and it is healthy. In addition, most important extremely fast to cook and clean, what more can I ask for. I find myself using the IP more nowadays because I’m lazy, prefer to cook in a single pot and I’m v good at leaving stuff on my stove and letting it overflow out and mess up the stove, this one has a deep enough pot. Thereby reducing my chances of messing up.

                  I’m also prefer that  Ms. A  use this, safer than gas stove, no hot pan to touch and hurt herself and v less chances of burning stuff. Seems safer, I have not told her to use the pressure mode, but for simple sauté and add stuff and set it on soup mode, this seems to work. The only drawback is its ring stinks, uggh absolutely takes on every single smell, every couple of nights I add vinegar and cook it for a few min.. Seems to help.

                Teen R prefers the cast iron. I think  he is on a mission to destroy my cast iron before he leaves for college and I’m on a rescue my cast iron mission, keeps us both amused I suppose 🙂