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                Teen R Graduated. 13 years of school flew by, it did not feel that way year after year but now that I look back it seems so fast. There were so many memories, and I feel a sense of satisfaction that we have raised a baby to adulthood and a sense of Awe – yes I know everyone does it. The last few years have shown such a growth in him, yet still needs help even if he doesn’t think he does.

  • Last few days were touch and go , returning those many many books that he had not returned, searching, finding. Finally he texted me and said he had turned everything in. phew…
  • He came back home on Fri with a smile on his face, his cap and gown ,tassels ( thank god) and a folder.
  • The folder contained his school picture from every year, samples of his work, his yr end scores and his testing scores. it was so so so cool.
  • I’m impressed that they sent us this, a complete record of his years in school.
  • We have moved a couple of schools and yet everything is there, what efficiency, what organization. I cannot be more impressed with the system.
  • Looking back at his records was fun, and so so glad we did not pay much attention to this stuff down the years 🙂
  • He was a wanderer, with many comments on lack of focus, organization skills, staring out the window, extra long bathroom breaks and generally all things that drive a teacher nuts. His teachers need to be commended, it is a hard job.
  • There were of course comments of his skills, his exceptional ability with numbers , his clear thoughts in writing  ( and the fact no one could read what he wrote 🙂 )
  • Graduation day dawned and passed in a Blur, pictured, happiness and general camaraderie. and of course a sigh of relief.
  • Looking at the gathering you realize how many people are required to support these kids and make them what they are , the teachers, administrators, community, peers etc.,
  • I’m trying to impress on him the need to get a job. earn something and be productive or at least volunteer. he will have driving duty with Ms.A numerous activities, but still a job might give him a better sense of purpose and independence.
  • It was fun to write his resume with him, the exact moment when he realized he has only 5  lines 🙂 . it’s a blank slate, a start.

                 In all I’m so thankful and glad he turned out to be a good child. a normal child and hopefully a child who does his best and is a compassionate individual who pays back to this society. Now its onward to college and 4 years of living by himself, learning to be independent ,managing school, making friends, a whole different life. Fun and productive I hope.

All I can say is Both of them make sure Life is interesting and busy  🙂