A Long Hiatus..


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A long long hiatus, No reason just a hiatus. I wish I had recorded the past year so I could read and reminisce later but..

Its been a Busy yet relaxed year, teen R left for college and the house quieted down a lot. Ms.A  matured into a good dancer and we realized she is a  worry wart and perfectionist and a very well prepared one. I think we started focusing and noticing her more after Teen R left ( which doesn’t say much about our parenting abilities), now trying to tell her no one is perfect , B’s are not so bad and doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. enjoy what you do that is  more important.

Anyway its a good feeling to know Teen R is safe and happy, No calls from him means no worries 🙂  of course he whines about how hard it is …when he comes on break it’s  fun and work. Fun because we interact on a more adult basis. A lot less  of the I tell you listen. and work because suddenly we have a teen who constantly has needs , especially the food part and I’ve gotten my evenings free its hard to give that up.

I’ve taken up knitting and am churning out scarfs faster than a machine. I work a lot late evenings, basically watching stuff run and monitoring, knitting actually soothes me. A team member taught me to calm me down 🙂 . Its v addictive, my first project was a cowl for R, yup the guinea pig. That’s the new addition this winter to add to the ever-present reading, walking, painting. Now that we have a taste of one leaving home,we are looking forward to the to the leaving too. It’s actually fun watching them grow wings and fly. Their whole lives ahead and the excitement they have is so contagious . Also I imagine the free time and possibilities stretching before me 🙂

Winter is hard, being coped up indoors and spring is coming so the excitement level is going up. hopefully the walks will get more regular and gardening will start. yes I know I start too many things. ms.A asks me why I have 2 knitting projects going at the same time and 2 paintings . the answer is I don’t know. I like to have options I suppose. or I’m just the ‘Cant sit still kind’ . Either way as long as my hands are occupied I’m fine.

Work is hectic and lots going on and busy busy but I seem to enjoy it. now that I have no work at home, cooking and cleaning is outsourced and I just watch Ms.A do her work and supervise her practice session I seem to enjoy work, and I feel I can take on more. I actually enjoy office and I’m thankful that I have this job.

So in all life is good. flowing along like a river with its bits of turbulence but still flowing..