Happy 18th Birthday


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A very happy 18th birthday to teen R. ( this was a while ago) I haven’t updated in a long long time. I will squarely place the blame on work for that and the fact that senior year is a bit fast paced . Just the sheer number of events a parent is expected to attend boggles my mind. All these years of being lazy doesn’t cut it Plus there is this self-induced parenting guilt that makes sure I don’t miss too many of the events as it happens to be his last.

Its been a fun year, satisfying, happy with a quick trip to visit grandparents. And college plans to be picked. All in all Id say the whole process was easy, happy and satisfying. Teen R probably stressed out a bit . but for the most part I see him enjoying every day . what more can I ask for. Now that he’s an adult per law I told him it matters only to the police and the insurance companies to me I think he’s still

  •              A lot of fun, and very loving.
  •              Independent and reliable
  •              and still a Child

But what brought this post was the fact that I attended a banquet where he was to speak , this shy Kid who would not make eye contact 5 yrs ago and who refused to speak for 30 sec has blossomed into such a fine young man. He gave an amazing speech and one he wrote in about 5 min ( procrastinate of course) and in the end he thanked me . I almost dropped to the ground in shock. Yes shock. I did not expect it , apparently he really appreciates my chauffeuring skills, my knowledge of stores that open late within a 20 mi radius and my willingness to drive around at all hours of the night 🙂 and finally the fact that I imparted good morals ( still feeling faint) , the room broke into applause and I gloated for days . yes poor R was the recipient of that. Ms. A who came with me beamed with pride at her brother.

Well we still have out teenage days when I wonder what goes on inside that head but for the most part I can only give thanks that I have such a wonderful ,easy-going child. All I pray and want for him is to have the same happy attitude in life and live and give back with gratitude. everything else doesn’t really matter much in the big scheme of life.