Happy new year, It’s a new year a fresh start or so I like to believe. Its freezing cold, so I’m glad to come to work and get a hot cup of tea.

  • 2017 was a fun year, a generally good year till Dec hit , had a wonderful Karthigai party and then mad crazy hit,  family illness had me flying to India for a short visit,
  • Back home and a quick break and vacation.
  • Stress on the work front. The new year hopefully clears that away,
  • No great resolutions, just keep the same status quo, have more fun and enjoy more I guess.
  • This year was supposed to be busy with teen R’s college search, surprisingly my OCD and our constant harassment seemed to make him apply early everywhere so no Dec end stress.
  • Early apps meant early decisions and the whole process seemed so easy.
  • I give my thanks again and again to god and universe and just pray that Ms. has a similar experience,
  • Downside is teen R thinks he is the top gun, and is pretty much living it up. We have to give him constant reminders that all these acceptances doesn’t mean anything if he flunks out of High school 🙂

On the work front its hectic but that’s where the resolution comes in place, come work do my best and leave, NO STRESS, especially taking it home. It is what it is, whatever I can do in 8 hours will get done. Rest will get prioritized I guess.

Spent the days leading up to New year’s organizing my and R’s closets, it now looks so so so good. I keep peeking in all the time. I donated a ton of clothes. a ton.  Chopped up a bunch of long old salwars into short tops for skirts 🙂

Wanted to paint but haven’t.. maybe will do more from now on, have a few orders from friends. Haven’t started. soon soon..before the weather gets better, then I can’t stay indoors.

So wishing everyone a safe happy healthy new year and hopefully blog more I suppose.