A very happy deepavali to all. eat sweets and make merry and may the Joyous light of life shine on us all.

  • Very low-key Diwali this year.
  • Nothing ready not even boxes we make for friends. I was going to drop it this year.
  • R suggested shopping in the evening and didn’t want to give up the tradition.
  • Anyway I have boxes now to make a couple of sweets and some chiwda and pack it up.
  • Not to hard I think I over think it and stress myself out.
  • It’s so so much fun for Ms. A to decorate the trays and take it to our friends.

On another Note I spent 5 and a half hours in a town meeting . yep 6 pm to 11.30pm. there was a vote on it to add lights to the athletics stadium of our high school. A much debated project and a field renovation budget vote. I think the field and turf renovation would have passed anyway since kids were injuring themselves on it. The lights on the other hand .. oh lord the war !!!! Teen R warned me to show up , he even said he’d take all responsibility for dinner, his sister and home but I better go vote.

It all goes back to the fact that the town is v historic, v picturesque and has a v good school, unfortunately said HS is bang in the middle of the historic district.  The down side of this is the kids who play sports and about 75% of the HS does, gets bussed for away games and most of us parents don’t get to see them play since we mostly work and leaving work for a 3pm game is really not appreciated. plus the practice times of different teams are contested, Band practices in the parking lot dodging cars and a whole host of issues. Anyway the opposition was the poor homeowners around the school (a few) who bought homes backing the school and who do not like noise 🙂

so there was a contentious debate, crying ( yes really) about how lights and game noise make a toddler stay awake and hence the crying by the harassed mom. I was a bit taken aback, but then came a track student and her impassioned pleas for lights so she can go home at a decent time and study and for once see her parents in the stand . quite the dramatic event. There were quite a few doozies and their comments . by around 10.30 I was beginning to wonder if we would get to the vote when a smart man called for a vote to end this debate !!!

By then R came back having finished the dinner scene at home and my butt was protesting the 5 hr. auditorium seating. we voted, won and about 2/3 of the people cleared out ( fled is more accurate) and god only knows what happened to the remaining 30 articles being voted on.

I feel bad for the handful of homeowners. I understand their side I may empathize even more once my kids leave school who knows. But I moved here for its amazing schools and I don’t really care too much for the historic part. Right now I’m so so glad these kids can play at home ground and practice in a brand new field and enjoy the lights… and so can we . 6 hours well spent id say.Wont help Teen R but Ms.A better be playing some kind of sport after this much work.

  • I wanted to give the crying mom a hug and a same pinch, Teen R till the age of 1 needed to be rocked for 2 hrs. at night. and no it was pitch dark and silent. just saying some of us unfortunately land the horror cases.