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  • San Francisco , one of the most lively eclectic cities I have seen and a walkers paradise,
  • Went for a conference and the highlight for me were from 5pm to 10pm when I spent my time walking the city, taking in the sights, sounds, food, everything.
  • Such a vibrant walk-able place. I love SFO
  • Yes , something must be done about the homeless, they need a safe harbor.
  • I walked around 10 miles each Day , so much fun .
  • Met my school friends, an hour and half passed in seconds..
  • One of them entertained me for hours 🙂
  • First time I saw the many many art galleries in SFO, truly wonderful.
  • Ate so much street food, It’s a vegetarian paradise out there, something I’m not used to. I ate dosas, momos, khaosuey, tacos, some egg thing, desserts the list is huge.
  • Chai tea is readily available and that made me so so so happy.
  • A homeless man directed me to an amazing museum with awesome views near the golden gate and actually walked me there and refused to take money. finally agreed for me to buy soup for him from his favorite place 🙂
  • He also lectured me on not using my phone while walking , and asked me to use a regular map. open your eyes and ears and see around you he lectured  🙂
  • The chocolate tour was amazing, eating chocolate at intervals and walking at your pace ,hmm can’t beat that. I convinced myself that walking up and down those hilly streets burnt the calories .
  • I didn’t think R my college mate  would ever agree to meet up with me again .. Apparently he couldn’t feel his legs by end of the evening.
  • yet he was a glutton for punishment and walked the 2nd day too. a mile more than the first, True friendship?
  • Went to concert –  Ellie Goulding , she was so so good.
  • The chain-smokers on the other hand ,not so good ,  gave me a headache in 5 min.. I actually fled the stadium. ran like hell.
  • It was an Oracle conf and I’m positive I will smack the next sales person saying the word ‘Cloud’ and I’m NOT a  Violent person.
  • All in all such a fabulous time, now I’m back to cold hard reality. oh well it’s the weekend .