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  • The most wonderful time of the year. or so I begin with and by the end of 4 days I’m zapped of strength and ready explode at the mere mention of golu.
  • No , I don’t keep golu or do any of the Hard work, I’m tired just doing the Golu rounds and making basic Prasad on the very few days I can manage.
  • I love the festival, the camaraderie, I also enjoy wearing saris and doing the social calls with Ms.A but after 4 days and a very hectic social life I’m Zapped .
  • Come Monday I really have to push myself to go home after work and get dressed for the visits, this is inspite of R pretty much taking over cooking chores
  • Coming to the cooking part, I’m experimenting with instant pot cooking, tried bisibele and kesari. both awesome. The butter masala for paneer which is butter free was beyond awesome.
  • The garden is slowly winding down I get 2 of every veggie so it’s a constant routine of avial, bisibele and kootu 🙂 much to the kids horror.
  • I did try the baked masala vada and slow cooker kheer with millets, both came out well. so there is going to be many more days of millet kheer I guess.
  • My friend M from college/ secunderabad days whom I would never have pegged as the cooking prasadam kind, eating yes – cooking no , surprises me with menu plans and early morning cooking stints and posts her recipes much to my shock 🙂
  • The worst part is I live so far away that I can’t even avail myself of all the goodies she makes, how on earth she does it I don’t know. one of these days I have to call her and ask.
  • But all said and done I love the 9 days, I’m rejuvenated at meeting my friends and I have a lot of them ( according to teen R ) , They make my life fun.
  • We hit the local garbha on sat and boy was it packed, fun, loud and dressy. again a bunch of friends and our daughters .. what would I do without them.
  • How dull and boring would life be without my friends around. This Navratri I give thanks for  such a groovy circle, locally, long distance, on WhatsApp, everyone much values and treasured.