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            Summer is flying, busy ,fun and beautiful. The Yosemite trip was great and so is relaxing at home , going on walks  – way too many walks and enjoying the pace.

                 Gardening is easy this year, I think it gets easier every year, we’ve been having regular rains so I barely need to water. As usual , zucchini and yellow squash coming out of our ears. Good crop of cucumbers and eggplant too. Way too much lettuce than we know what to do, we are not big salad eaters, especially with lettuce. so that’s a note for next year to plant in limited quantities. tomatoes and beans are great. I like that tomatoes are in grow pots , grows at a decent rate yet not too much to handle. Strawberries had a great year and are still yielding. It’s so nice to have fresh veggies, tastes so good . Next year should attempt more berries.

                  Teenagers are lazy beings, getting teen R to even start looking at college choices and begin the process is a task in itself, its like having a second job constantly yelling . He loves to run so every evening he’s gone running ,playing basketball etc., etc., wakes at noon so the very limited time between 1 and 5 is spend lazing around and ignoring all pressing work. oh well .

                     Ms.A is having a ball. and a great social life. she has discovered baking and luckily there a friend teaching baking couple days a week right in the neighborhood. so a bunch of girls had tons of fun. basically a relaxing summer for her making a mess 🙂

                 Cooking has taken a back-seat, days go by where as I do nothing in the kitchen. lots of smoothies, grilling, basic stuff. what would we do without bread.
so after a long time I made millet with yogurt ( yep thayir sadam with millets) and decided to use the pavakkai that a friend dropped off. Called up India and found the easiest recipe possible. I’m not a fan of this veggie, R likes it for health reasons. but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. will be a keeper especially good when carmelised well .

3-4 bitter gourds/ pavakkai – sliced thin and in strips
chili powder to taste
turmeric – 1/2 spn
Mustard , cumin, – 1 spn
Jaggery and Tamarind – equal amounts – 1spn each
Oil – few spoons
salt to taste
To hot oil in a pan add Mustard, cumin , pavakkai, chili powder, salt and turmeric, stir fry till cooked fully. Add tamarind and jaggery with a spoon of water . and cook till golden brown in low flame. Done.