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Summers here and its Holiday time again, this time to 2 iconic national parks. After a lot of discussion we decided to hit R’s dream parks.
This holiday needs a recovery holiday, the sights are so many to see and so stunning and most involve walking and climbing , plenty of walking and climbing.

  • Yosemite – its one of the most beautiful places on earth. the views, the peaks, the granite mountains and spectacular waterfalls are beyond any description.
  • Stayed at the Majestic Yosemite hotel. that in itself is beyond any hotel I have scenic, historic, beautiful, soaring windows with impeccable views.
  • There are plenty of hikes for all stamina levels, but to see the truly fantastic waterfalls, Climbing is a must 🙂
  • Thanks to a good rainfall the rivers were wild and flowing.
  • Sunset in glacier point is a sight to behold, with the whole range and the valley below, the Yosemite and Nevada falls taking on the rays of the setting sun, its beyond poetic.

Moving on to Sequoia.

  • There is no cell service 🙂 truly truly isolated.
  • Wukasachi lodge is deep deep inside the park at 6000 ft.
  • The caves are beautiful. Water is a super power.
  • In both the parks the night sky is a sight to behold.. sparking diamonds, billions billions of them. on a moonless night you can actually see the milky way . I find that beyond amazing.
  • The Big Old trees, well they are tall and big and survivors..
  • You almost expect a dinosaur to come strolling near the meadows the park it’s so huge and so still.
  • Most have fire scars and there were a few which were almost burnt fully yet survived and has greenery on top 🙂 a testament to the ” NEVER GIVE UP”.
  • In all its a beautiful part of the world and a must see on every nature lovers list, Makes one realize how insignificant we are in the big scheme of the universe .

Of course after 7 days of eating out I had to make a desperate stop in saravana bhavan for my yogurt rice before the flight 🙂 and now much to the kids horror its Indian food all 3 times a day …

I’ve always thought Ms.A was the little one and needs help with so much hiking and she proved me wrong. I guess I’m the weak link here, R can manage most climbs easily and Teen R is at his peak , Ms.A is a monkey with never-ending stamina. so I take back all i said about her not being able to hike and climb. Miles and Miles at high altitude is no problem for her must be all that yoga and dance she does, or must be the power of youth.

We struck off R’s list of ‘I must see’ parks and now Glacier and Arches is right up on his list 🙂 the thirst for nature never ends.