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The tradition, fun, the angst, the smiles, the pictures and the laughter we went thru it all. Teen R actually asked a girl to prom. He baked a cake and wrote some math equation on it.. I was shocked , closely followed by joy, This kid is not bad. he does wake up at times.

  • I also got a picture, when she said yes. (probably worried I’d show up in school and demand to know the result)
  • Then weeks passed in lazy ignorance. True Teen R style. we can think only about the next minute no long-term planning ever.
  • Suddenly a few weeks later we had to go rent the Tux ( like in the next 10 min – on a sun evening !!!! )
  • Spent a couple of hours agonizing over the shade of blue for the tie and vest , calling, texting, worrying, till Ms.A came to the rescue , took one look at the picture and clearly stated that was ‘Royal blue ONLY’
  • So ordering done and exorbitant amount paid ( seriously so much money for a rental, My wedding saree cost less !!! )
  • Then Teen R was back to lazy resting mode.. Till D-day minus 5 when we realized oh no the flowers , corsage, tickets…oh no !!!!
  • Rush to the florist , since they usually don’t operate on out time, we had to try a few.
  • Finally ordered and what do you know, the damn colors again. anyway picked a bluish ribbon and paid up.
  • Lazy time again till the day before.. oh god we forgot to check the ribbon.
  • lets drive again to the florist and hopefully make it before closing time, and this time specify ‘ Royal Blue’ ONLY . ( he learns fast)
  • Then came D-day, frantic texts asking me to ‘ come home now’ , Incoherent txts, ‘corsage is where ? ‘ — where else but the florist. my child , it certainly doesn’t walk itself to our house. ..

Finally we get everything and Teen R decides to take his 1 hour shower ( how much could one possibly scrub) , oh well and came out smelling like a lavender 🙂 yep Ms.A is big info florals… nothing a few dabs of aftershave wont fix, and finally the tux, the order, the cuffs, . with R calmly smiling going around taking pictures.

Got some cool family pictures and left to the common meeting spot, and boy was it fun, the corsage matched , the vest matched and the young faces were shining with smiles and laughter .

It was fun, in all I think they had a great time since it was a bunch of friends going together, young, funny and full of life. They were such considerate youngsters and so supportive of each other. I guess these are fun times as parents, watching them from afar, watching them enjoy life and living it well.

I wonder how it will be when Ms.A’s time comes.