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                    This recipe comes from Mdu again, A friend who I went to school with made this for me and it was finger licking good. Maybe I was just plain starving, maybe it was a different taste to what I was used to or maybe she had the right amount of spice for me, not sure what but I can attest to the fact that this was so so tasty.

                    She repeatedly told me the recipe was nothing great I could do it easily and reminded me that I lacked patience and that’s why my cooking skills were not top-notch 🙂 Apparently most Indian recipes especially those involving garlic, tomatoes etc., need to be cooked over medium heat patiently to all come together.

                       I’m not a big fan of the slow stir while I watch technique. however she is an expert and if she says I lack the patience then I do I guess. Anyway this was so tasty I ate so much and was telling her how I don’t eat so much rice usually, so next day she made it with Millets . yes what I lack in patience she has in droves. and the millet version tasted even better . If that is even possible so after 2 days of binging on this dish I figured I should develop the requisite patience if I wanted to eat this back at my place.

                 I tried it with rice, millets , even dalia and it taste superb in all modes and yes patience is the key and sadly I can’t learn I lack it big time.


Tomatoes – 3
Green chili – 2
onion – 1
Ginger – 1 inch
Garlic – 4-6
Gasa gasa / poppy seeds – 1 tblspn
Saunf / Anise – 1 tblspn
Rice / millets – 1 cup.
Salt to taste


Soak the rice , Blend Ginger + Garlic + Saunf + Poppy seeds to a thick paste. Heat oil ( few spoons) , add chopped onion and green chilies till soft, add blended paste and fry till raw smell is gone. Add chopped tomatoes + salt and cook till dry ( takes a long time) .
Add soaked rice and double the water ( depending on type of rice) , Mix close and cook till rice is done. Done.

  • This is traditionally done with Jeeraga samba rice, Basmati works well too.
  • The tomato mixture takes a while to cook, a long while actually.
  • Garnishing with cilantro and mint tastes great.