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Every trip to India I discover something new, and something tasty 🙂 This time it was Bajra/ Kambu / pearl millet kanji . It’s a breakfast drink/ could also be eaten like porridge I suppose and boy does it taste amazing. It’s also healthy and filling, no more 10 am hunger pangs at work !!!

My dear friend M my bestie or BFF as Ms.A likes to call her made this for me. of course M cooks fabulously, its her hands I say. plus her love. feeding you and yelling at you at the same time ..ahh miss that 🙂

After the trip when I’m back home and reminiscing about good food which I cannot cook I remembered this and 15 min and a txt later , she replied with the recipe (for the 100th time) and away I went in quest for pearl millet. took me 2 weeks to find it. for some strange reason there’s Bajra flour but not the whole , all other millets can be found in its whole form .. WTH is the whole world drinking this kanji??

Finally Amazon came to the rescue and I rolled up my sleeves in anticipation of a long evening surprisingly it took all of 25 min. and most of that time was waiting for the drained Bajra to dry a bit before I took it for a whirl in the Vitamix.
The best part was storing it in the mud pots I got ( yes I get them religiously, M preps them for me and I never use them but this time I am)


Kambu/Bajra -1/2 cup
Buttermilk -1 cup
Salt needed
Rice – few spoons ( optional)
Pearl onions ( optional)

Wash Bajra/kambu/Pearl Millet , drain , After 10 min Then grind the kambu and rice to a coarse powder. Mix with about 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 cup of water and cook till soft, keep stirring to avoid lumps.

Mix well and once cooled make balls and keep them in water + yogurt mixture until use. ( in a mud pot if available) . To drink/eat dissolve a ball in little water + yogurt + salt + onions ( optional)

  • The balls can be kept in the yogurt water for 2-3 days apparently the more fermented the better.
  • It tastes amazing with raw mango pickle.
  • I need to not run that Vitamix too enthusiastically it works really well.
  • It is important to mix the semi ground millet with water well to avid lumps.
  • Stir often and keep closed and when it’s cooked you will know ( most will)
  • No wandering off when this is on the stove.. It takes just 10 min .