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I’m still in post vacation lag, reminiscing about the break but  happy to be back . This trip bought so many things to mind. I realize friends who I did not have any touch with for 20 years are now a fingertip away. again thanks to modern internet. The past few years have been fun reconnecting. last trip we all met at a resort and it was amazing, this trip I decide to visit the town where I went to school for a day .

  •  S accompanied me , and the 24hrs that followed flew in the blink of an eye .
  • It was nostalgic seeing the city where i went to school.
  • Met my close buddy V who came all the way from another town to see me for a few hrs. we still connect so well, I regret not being in her life for so many years but it was like those years were never there. we are back. and giggling 🙂
  • The guys were exceptionally sweet , took time off picked us up from the airport. and that too bang in the middle of a working day !!!!
  • Organized lunch and his wife had cooked a fantastic spread. so many many dishes so tasty , I bow in respect and awe of her skill and effort that went into it. how can one person cook so much and do it so well. every single dish tasted good.
  • Met a whole lot of their wives and boy was it fun, Fun and gales of laughter and stories about a diff face of the classmates I would never have known 🙂
  • then evening saw the actual classmates meet. which of course brought back old memories and fun.
  • A dinner filled with laughter, pictures and stories . we really don’t need anything except good company and lots of laughter.
  • The Next day dawned bright and early and we visited the local temple that absolutely splendid Meenakshi amman temple.
  • D came thru with the darshan cannot thank him enough . so much fun and so much laughter and an air of thankfulness that we have this group.
  • Then the mad rush to the airport ,
    again I’m awed by their commitment to show us a good time, they are truly wonderful people. I just hope I can show them the same hospitality when they visit here.
  • How can I ever thank all of them and especially S for taking 24 hrs out of their lives to make sure we had a fantastic time.

This was truly the highlight of my vacation. and a blog, or a few lines  or pictures certainly cannot do it justice. It remains a pleasant memory that I hope will calm me down when I’m in need of it. It is a comforting thought that these friends are always there to brighten up a dreary day. what more can one ask for.