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Just back from a visit to India , Fighting jet lag is a pain. My brain feels numb and my body is dragging. God I hate this feeling. This is the price I pay to visit India for 2 weeks.  Wish there were some way to avoid this.
But that is  just the whining the good part follows  🙂

  • Ms.A accompanied me and had a fab time in India.
  • Did a lot , met a lot of friends and I think that was the best part. the camaraderie was amazing.
  • Ate a lot outside , lunch and dinner, chaat, S.indian, indo – Chinese, west indian, east Indian, Fusion what not.. and yet lost couple of pounds.. Probably due to the heat. and boy was it hot. but oh so worth it.
  • One of my My favorite things were Ola and UBER , Yes cabs 🙂 the convenience is unbeatable. No need to ask anyone for a ride, no need to scrounge around for autos, no need to request the driver. Just book and off you go.
  • Friends : Went to the town where I finished high school after decades and met all my friends, they are such nice people and so welcoming. I cannot find better friends. so loving . I think I laughed nonstop for the 24 hours I spent there. I have to dedicate an entire post to it so I record it for future memories.
  • A friend actually accompanied me leaving her family and kids back home , can you beat that.
  • Food : I cannot even describe all that I ate.
  • My close buddies M and V , took it upon themselves to satisfy my every desire , They made sure I got to eat every single item I had wanted to. taking my to multiple restaurants over the course of many days. how can I ever match up to their love and hospitality.
  • Ms. A had her b’day there and was showered with cakes, pink cakes 🙂 pink dresses and pink everything. she was on cloud nine.
  • Of course had a few misses, missed the flight to Pune , thank you traffic. ,but even in that there was a silver lining, had to spend 4 hours at the airport for the next flight and lo behold a classmate appeared bearing food, water, and great company till we boarded the next flight, time flew. now how many people have friends who will do that for them.

All I can say is I’m truly lucky ,beyond lucky , truly truly blessed . I live a charmed life . What ever did I do to have such great friends. their support cannot be ever measured or quantified. gods gift indeed.

I tried lots of first time dishes and have a few millet ones to post, friends who spent the time and effort and cooked them for me.  will try them out and do so