I attended a presentation on a topic interesting me greatly – women and found quite a few facts shocking. I have always believed that.

  • Number of Women in the workforce (urban) in India is increasing rapidly and Women contribute greatly to GDP numbers in India

and found that I was WRONG.

  • Despite rising economic growth, fertility decline, and rising wages and education levels , Women’s labor force participation (urban) is around 15% and falling.
  • We do not contribute as much as I thought to the GDP.

Isn’t this worrying. No judgement to the stay-at-home women at all. However I am a firm believer that employment and earnings have a big impact on female and children’s well-being and is a kind of  bargaining power within many households .

So, what’s keeping us away, what are the barriers , is it structural, economic or cultural? why are we not capitalizing on mew opportunities. Is it because of the social stigma attached to educated women working in low-skilled menial jobs ? or just women don’t prefer to work?

In fact I found the rates for rural women are dropping too !!!  Found it odd, at least from what I see and hear about India nowadays and the opportunities and education and opening up the barriers etc., hmm an eye-opener for me.