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Been a busy month, Busy and fun. Life is treating us well and for that I give my thanks . Building good memories and storing it away .

  • Vacation to DR was amazing, what’s not to like, sun, sand , beach and Lazy days .
  • We are all beach people. and the long lazy days can’t be beat.
  • Best thing was the sporadic Internet connectivity and only in a few places.
  • Food was amazing and in plentiful — too much food
  • I was sure if i pricked the kids,  instead of blood sugared tropical drinks would flow out.
  • When we reached US, the kids were like thirsty walkers in a desert, they didn’t even mind the 3 hour delay in transit 🙂
  • Read a lot of books  and walked and walked miles in the sand and talked about all things under the sun.
  • Ms.A had 2 dance programs – back to back. Which makes the weekend not so great fun. but we managed and I love to see her dance
  • Teen R hit another b’day – frontal lobe still growing. 🙂

Now its women’s day 🙂 and I’m for all things women, so we were chatting   (jai ho whatsapp) with friends and family. Apart from the usual messages and glorifying the feminine traits of self sacrifice, gentleness , compassion ( err shouldn’t it be a human trait ) , there was this video doing the rounds , About a mean nanny caught on camera..and by sheer bad luck I hit the comments – purely unintentional. oh lord save me and my BP , comments ranging from – how greed shouldn’t be the basis of life ( OK) , why do we crave money and hence 2 incomes by living beyond means ( OK I will give in partially) and then the gem, why women should stay home and raise kids and not lust after jobs and a paycheck. isn’t your child a priority, why do women listen to feminists and go to work, yada yada yada..
My curiosity is always a nuisance, I read the whole damn section and didn’t find a single reference to anyone commenting about men taking care of kids. or even any comment that says ‘one parent should stay home’ it is always the ‘ women should stay’ why? and that too why on women’s day 🙂

oh well as usual more questions than answers…