Lately I have been ignoring this space. Mostly because Work is busy busy busy. but also because….

  • I have M who cooks for us. so no recipe trial going on, only thing I make is baked sabudana vada.
  • I’ve  rediscovered NCIS so I’m binge watching episodes. I have no idea why ?
  • At long last my holds from the library arrived, en masse so I have to read 4 books quickly. I can’t wait I have to finish reading them its a compulsion.
  • I’ve of and on been painting.. mostly off than on , its hard to start but fun when I do.

But the most important reason is I have nothing to write about. I use this space as a recording tool for myself. I go back and see what I was doing his time last year and smile at the difference every year brings.
so far This year has been busy  –

  • Crash of Jan 2017 , as we call it at work, 2 weeks of Hell, No sleep and permanent conference calls. I hear the phone ring even when it’s not ringing. But I did realize I thrive in these high pressure situations and as a team we became much closer. I am so so glad I have a job , I cannot thank God enough.
  • I realize the kids are independent , these 2 weeks taught me that.
  • Teen R is still in teen phase with an added worry about college.  I never envisioned me as a mom telling my kids to take it easy, relax.
  • Ms.A is going through a phase. of not liking dance much, She has trouble with facial expressions ( abhinaya) no amount of explaining seems to work. I don’t push her , I don’t want to kill her love for dance so I tell her to smile and be done. however she is a perfectionist and this is driving her crazy,
  • She is also going thru the I don’t like math much phase. so we try to be the nice parents and tell her till 12 th grade she has no choice but after that there are millions of nonmath options open .
  • Teen R gets math ,the numbers speak to him, they probably don’t speak so eloquently to Ms.A. we reiterate she needs to do her best and that’s that.

R is R , helps kids with studies , does work and and is generally the laid back man who reminds me often of our upcoming vacation, ahh can’t wait , sun and surf await us.