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                   Pongal is here , how time flies. Soon spring and summer will be here. with a vacation thrown in 🙂 but first we must get thru the cold.
Pongal used to be big when we were in Mdu. It still is from what me friends tell me. We were flooded with pongal varieties, sweets , vada. and the general festive atmosphere, rangoli etc.,
Here its a low-key affair. Very low-key. Add to that We’ve become carb worried 🙂 although I love my rice . Pongal was never a favorite food, sweet pongal maybe but that too in limited quantities. however will do the requisite sweet and savory pongal with avial I suppose albeit with Millets. 🙂

                   Been meaning to post a couple of recipes, one is heserkalu upma ( Moong dal upma) remembered eating it in my single days and also baked sabudhana vada. tried it and it came out awesome. but then laziness takes over . Moreover with M’s help I rarely cook nowadays and I think I like it this way. I’m not terribly fond of cooking ,especially after a days work. I think very few are and M is a god given gift.. I can’t match her cooking and so I don’t try.

                   Its been busy of late, just regular stuff ,reading quite a bit, Art – I did get to finish 2 abstract paintings and put them up. Now I want to do a set of 3 , one of those panel type paintings and I want to daisies.. Its stuck in my head so I have 3 huge white canvases staring at me daily and no satisfying pictures of daisies 😦
Daily I browse, scan and go thru pictures. nothing. it has to be a bright splashy thing that catches my eye and yet be soothing ( considering it’s going above my bed). I’m itching to paint. but….

                  Teen R is being his usual self, some days are super and some days not so much . Still torments me when it comes to eating and I will miss him when he goes away. thank God my third leg will be around a while. Ms.A . Both of them are so different in so many different ways.
As parents we see the difference in awe. Teen R is brilliant a genius and slowly becoming organized, Very Very slowly . whereas Ms.A is bright and active a super super organized and more than a hard worker. I think they’ve been so together they are going to miss each other horribly when he leaves to college. but that’s life. A year to go which is a year they have to fight .

5 weeks to go – sun and sand awaits. thank god for vacations.