Happy New year and hopefully a fruitful fun-filled 2017 awaits.

  • 2016 has been wonderful. fun, exciting, energizing, boring, all rolled into one.
  • At the stage in life when it’s all good if nothing bad happens 🙂
  • We’ve had good health, no upheavals and lots of fun .

As for 2017 the goals are the same for me..

  • More Art
  • More vacations
  • More walks, lots more reading.
  • More volunteering
  • Teen R will be making college choices or should I say Colleges will be making their choices 🙂
  • Ms.A is enjoying as usual. doing her thing and asking a million questions.. sigh…
  • We all spent time at home. and today everyone was so so excited to go to school and work.
  • That is one thing I plan to do daily this year. Thank god everyday that I have a job. It keeps me sane .

This year I plan to make more exciting choices, more adventure and more good food choices. the latest trip of R’s didn’t help, he came loaded with sweets and I’m a sucker for those. They are in my fridge staring me in the face and I have no plans to resist. after all we live life once .  I’ve been debating at joining a yoga class. maybe this year I will at least for a month. I have commitment issues so R has talked me into doing it month by month.  Its cold outside and curling up with a good book seems so so much better than yoga 😦

Hope this year is great for everyone and we have peace everywhere ( can’t miss out world peace can I  🙂