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             Food is lately on my mind, rather food that teen R eats. He has been a picky eater since childhood, He has no appetite. Luckily he joined the track team and that improved his appetite somewhat. I’ve recovered a bit from his childhood not eating trauma and let go. That is till I took him to his yearly and we realized there is no weight gain . apparently he’s supposed to eat at least 800 calories more per day. wish I had that problem.

             Anyway this topic is like a worrisome wart, now its back in my head and I’m reliving his childhood years.. ugggh the horror.
Its Ms.A ‘s yearly in 2 weeks and no she hasn’t gained much either, I’m glad she’s not at 0 gain. I really can’t listen to another lecture from their Doc, I have to shut up , I can’t go tell her to cook and feed them now can I . Maybe I will send her with R, He can listen to the lecture. Its the genes I tell you, when they hit 40 – they will add the pounds , and add it fast and add it furiously no matter if they eat or not. But they are growing lengthwise like weeds.. buying pants is a nightmare. a real nightmare.

              Election is over , I think I need lots of rest to get over the campaigning . I was never a news junkie but still it got through.
and my 500 rs notes, yes I have a few I assume is waste, thanks Mr.Modi . oh well life goes on.

                Finally the rush of Navrathri, Diwali ,election etc., is over now comes thanksgiving and a fun time. lots of lazy days of break. doing nothing just lounging around.

              Its getting cooler, walking less, god help those pounds. work is getting busy and I’m so glad M cooks for us. I don’t think I can face the kitchen after so much work. The closer I get to home the laziness starts kicking in, added to the fact that R doesn’t want me to cook ( fear of the unknown 🙂 )

Made edmame noodles, These are noodles made entirely of edmame and touted as v v healthy . considering I’m not a great cook. the sauce I made sucked and thereby the noodles will not be repeated. It was truly disgusting tasting. the kids ate . well the other option staring them in the face was the rice and dal .. 🙂 and no I don’t make great Dal either. I just pray I have M daily. and give appropriate thanks to god.