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       Recently I was introduced to the world of  OPOS. It’s a technique ( or so I read) that has one layering raw veggies etc, in a pressure cooker in a certain order and then the last item is the masala paste/ pwd etc.,  no mixing and pressure cooking for a specific time and then lo behold dinner !!! I’m talking stuff like sambar etc., where the usual sage advice as to saute and boil lightly. Any way there are enterprising souls who have come up with this and I don’t question them I simply follow.

       I tried the sambar – yes,  I have an unholy fascination with that since I can never get it right, and it was decent. Just toss in raw ingredients in a certain order ( again I don’t know why) and put the masala paste ( yes I went to the trouble of grinding fresh) on it and cook and then stir and done.. 🙂  It turned out better than my stove top recipe with less work. which in my book is a huge win, huge.

        The other technique is the IP – Instant pot or electric cooker/slow cooker/saute pan etc., basically a 6 in 1 pot,  so no need of extra dishes or stove etc., the recipes for this don’t  fascinate me as much as OPOS since it’s the same method just use one dish kind of thing. IP is mostly its a do it all contraption that R purchased  on Amazon after he got really really tired of cleaning up the ceilings/walls and buying band aids for me when the cooker blew up. There is water, there is valve, there is weight all correct but still either the cooker vents steam from all directions or is so sealed tight that it opens with a bang. So far it has been about 6 cookers, various brands, with the butterfly brand being the hit, it flew off the stove , no exaggeration, it really did. Then there was the  cute looking one where the lid goes inside which I could never close or open, then we stuck to prestige and that started exploding. so this electric IP for some reason works like a charm. I think the open flame and me don’t work well. and not just in the cooker arena.

For now I’m going to be trying OPOS cooking.. lets see what comes out of it.   🙂