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Strange conversation at work. A co-worker is sick and she came in for some work with an oxygen mask and a portable oxygen thing in her bag. I freaked a bit and told her she should have WFH since she obviously needs oxygen . I mean breathing is a basic life function right?
Anyway the conversation went like this..
Me : Why did you drive in , this is serious , you have a O2 mask.
She : NP, I needed to get something, I’m OK.
Me : No you can’t breathe ( which is v scary ), you should have called I could have dropped it off .
She : oh it’s just a stupid nurse problem, you know the money-making med types  don’t worry.
Me : what !!!
She : Yes, I was on IV yesterday you know for fluids , medicines etc., and if she had given me oxygen in my IV with the other stuff she gave me I would have been totally fine today you know. God these people the way they torment you , the stuff they do to make money….I did tell her I was on to her you know.
Huh, I’m stumped. I mean what could I possibly explain to her about oxygen delivery to the lungs thru an IV. I really really feel for the Nurse. Imagine explaining this ..
I’m so thankful my kids have not shown any inclination towards the medical field.