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  • School is in full swing, Navarathri is here and its busy and fun. But school leaves me with a set routine and hence time for lots of stuff. Plus it gets cooler at night so I skip the night walks and try finish them in sunshine.
  • Raised bed garden is almost done ,just a couple eggplants, peppers,kale ,spinach not much maintenance.
  • Lots of golus , dinner chats and silk sarees. Its ladies time, a time to reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen in a while.
  • Art is going swimmingly , got a new set of pebeo mixed media sets and experimenting. Its fun and relaxing but the outcomes are not that great ..YET .
  • Painting an abstract Ganesh with glass glaze and some offbeat technique , aiming for the calm Buddha like effect which I’m good at, unfortunately he looks like he’s about ready to murder me. the eyes , the eyes…
  • J my friend and a busy bee introduced me to lip balm,  cream and now have progressed to soap making, cold process soaps. its fun fun fun.
  • House is filled with all kinds of oils and Ms.A is an eager tester. She can’t believe her luck , mom pushing creams and lip-balms on her – of course it’s all natural and devoid of any color.
  • Since I grew lots of lavender, Lots, I infused a big bottle of coconut oil with it over the summer and coconut oil is a base in soaps,lotions,lipbalms etc and hence sadly every and anything I make smells of lavender. Even the ACV hair rinse .
  • Teen R refuses to use anything that smells mildly of lavender – v mildly and I’m tired of telling him that he washes the soap off so it will NOT smell. I’m going to douse my next batch with sandalwood oil.
  • I think we are the major lip balm supplier for Ms.A’s friends 🙂 hey its easy to make and good for them so why not.
  • R just nods his head and smiles when I explain saponification, he’s so glad I laid off the cooking I guess.
  • I made cauliflower mussalam ( whole baked mughlai cauliflower) , first time was a hit, so tasty , so beautiful ,perfect and then I did it again last weekend , same recipe to a T and it was a disaster , yuck. I couldn’t believe it.
  • Ms.A doesn’t understand how I can do so many things, art , soap, knit, paint, craft anything so well . I can weigh and calculate exact measurement and make stuff and yet cooking eludes me I’m trying to figure that one out too.
  • Teen R sends me these easy recipe videos on Facebook, I haven’t gotten to even one yet but seriously that kid never stops trying 🙂
  • They all prefer M’s cooking , and try to hide their joy when they figure out I have no hand in the cooking , but I can tell. Their eyes light up and they lose that scared look – the one they get when I tell them the dinner dish 🙂