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I have 2 kids – one almost at the end of high school and one in the middle school range. I believe in not worrying too much about their academic education since I think I  found a good district capable of engaging their minds. So why this rant? simply because I see so many issues and I cant do much but rant 🙂

  • No 1. on my list is HW,  I detest HW. why should a child study 8 hrs in school and come home and do more work, there is on an average about 3 hrs of work for Teen R, this is after his sports  and band etc., WHY?  where does this leave time for him to become a well rounded individual . One of his teachers even said she takes problems and makes it harder.. seriously !! for what!!! Yes they are in an advanced class, but isn’t it enough that they get the concepts why would you intentionally torment kids?  apparently its called ‘challenging the kids ‘ 🙂 Now coming to Ms.A she gets about 20 min avg HW a day , again its not a big chunk of time , but totally unnecessary, apparently its to reinforce concepts, why the cant the concepts be reinforced in the first 10min of class the next day?
  • No2. is school start timing. why should High school start at 7am.  That’s madness  and then they want the kid to have a healthy breakfast .. when? at 6.30am? why on gods green earth would you want a teen awake at 6.30 or earlier and torment his poor parent too ? apparently they can then close early so the kids gets to do activities and HW ! huh what kind of circular ponzi scheme is this?
  • No3. is the mandatory voluntary work. IMO there are only 2 things a human must be required to do, one is give back to society( service) and the other is be Happy. the rest is all optional. So what do they do they take the most important aspect that needs to be developed in a kid and make it mandatory ergo …make them detest it. C’mon why make it like forced labor, its to be a labor of love one that gives joy not something to be worried about reaching targets.

                         oh well the list can go on but there’s a limit to ranting i suppose. So in effect I’m a bad parent I tell them to adhere to strict bed times , so they are not fully done with studies -big deal there is always tomorrow. I try tell the teen everyone has a place in this world. be happy that’s all that matters. it will all work out.

I also fervently attend the meetings, discussions etc at the board when its open  and make my suggestions which  I doubt many agree but hey makes me happy 🙂 isn’t that what life is all about.