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              I have a wonderful friend J, a very very resourceful,busy bee friend who does all kinds of wonderful crafty things. She used to bead and now quilts and stitches and has progressed to homemade soaps, lotions, detergents etc., I can never match her but I’ve been toying with chemical free body products etc., and looking up stuff. Recently I met up with her and she got me hooked , so here I am stalking blogs of well mama and farm wife and experimenting with Lotions and soaps and lip balms and buying up a storm.

  • So far I tried a hair rinse , lotion and on my way to trying a lip balm.
  • My guinea Pig is Ms.A and a very willing one at that.
  • The lotion is mostly coconut oil, vitamin E , lavender infused in the oil , maybe a bit of shea butter.
  • Next we are tackling lip balm, apparently all I need are coconut oil, vitamin E oil and beeswax all of which I have including those cute tubes.
  • Eagerly waiting for beetroot powder to come, so we can have a tinted lip balm..
  • Poor Ms.A is dreaming of beetroot red glossy lips , I hate to break it to her that it will probably be a barely there tint, oh well .

                           I’m dying to try soaps next. I have copious amounts of dried lavender and rosemary etc., The boys live in fear of whats coming next 🙂 lets see, it’s a fun hobby . to add to the painting, walking, gardening etc., Time is no issue. Now ask me to cook a good bisibelebath – then I’m tired, cranky , short of time and it takes way too long. oh well such is life i guess.