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                  Thayir Sadam aka curd/ yogurt rice is my regular lunch, and by regular I mean every single working  day , I can place the blame for this on my mom, it was my lunch for most of my school and college days ,so much so its become a need. Even in these days of low carb/no carb deal,  I must have curd rice for lunch. I don’t deal well otherwise.

                 So after the stint with Millets I’ve discovered I can do without rice if I make millet curd rice. Not partial to any one kind, I can make do with them all. so on Sunday’s and Wednesdays I religiously cook a pot of millets and make a big batch of yogurt millet rice with salt and tadka and all the trappings. and split it into individual lunch bowls . Yep I’m that picky . top with pickle, veggie and its a happy happy lunch.

                Millets – saamai, thinai etc., make it v easy, cooks fast and its so creamy and filing. I think its much better than rice in taste and texture. So I say my thanks to my friends from school and college,  M and SS in India who  introduced me to millet , taking the time, showing me the diff varieties , answering my questions and taking me to shop . Here’s to friendship guys , my v happy stomach thanks you every day 🙂