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               Its summer and laziness is at its peak. With a wonderful cook that we found cooking is taking a backseat. After the smoothie green blender deal that’s also at a wane. It rains every other night and garden work is at a min, the plants are full , no weeds , no watering.. 🙂 Now its walking, walking and walking everyday. I’m hoping I’m getting toned or rather there are some health benefits that is secretly happening inside.

                Raised bed garden is doing well, the plan I took from the internet for small space planting is not the best , but we live and learn. next year will try to be better, use my head and imagine full-grown plants and place accordingly.

  • This is the year of monster zucchinis. so grilled zucchini on a daily basis.
  • Kale is really a weed. Its covered by zucchini leaves and yet manages to grow twisting and turning .
  • Tomatoes are OK not too much but enough
  • Cucumbers are growing slowly .. haven’t gotten a thing yet.
  • First crop Beans is done, we are done . no more.. 2nd crop growing ..
  • Eggplants are growing, Just 1 harvest of baby eggplants which turned into stuffed eggplant curry and done. more soon I hope. home-grown organic eggplant has a fantastic taste.
  • Peppers .. oh lord save us from them, green, yellow, red . in sambars, with spice powder dish, in soups I’m fresh out of ideas.. so Ms.A just eats them raw. Next year I think 1 plant per color will suffice.
  • Bhindi plant growing no bhindi in sight in this year 😦
  • For some reason green chili plant growing , no green chili producing.
  • The possum has deserted the deck planters… have no idea why. the lettuce are all eaten and dead so I guess he’s not interested..

                    In all a good season, I guess I’m getting the hang of it. We have that large space around it with weedy bushes and everyday  look at the potential I could easily have 4 more of these, but the task of clearing the dense are, building around trees, initial setup, and then wind down for winter , weeding  etc., is daunting. I want to do it but it will be a major fight again giant weed bushes.. and I certainly don’t want to do the setup by myself. thinking.. lets see what pans out.