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           Not going anywhere this summer, just staying in town enjoying the weather, maybe small trips around the area, some hiking, kayaking etc.,  Trying to get the family to open up and travel to places cities, cultures  not just beaches, how can someone not like to sample diff cultures !! sigh..

           Yes,  beaches around the world are fun , yes we live in a somewhat cold place and warm beaches are heaven, yes nature is lovely , yes lakes  and mountains are wonderful but so are museums, cities , culture and a diff way of life. Making these guys see that is a task in itself. I think it stems from R’s nature and bleeds into teen R, Ms.A is more adventurous and is open to anywhere ( as long as we go 🙂 )

                I’m at fault for giving in and organizing just what they want , so from now on I’m going to be a ogre and set a rule that if we don’t go see another country/culture/something /with a quick stop at beach if it’s there then in winter we dont go to beaches. we spend a lot on vacations especially going to diff places in the Caribbean, s.america etc., I think we need to expand our horizons a bit more and go east too 🙂 Yes the cost is high but so is going to some remote beach and enjoying for a week, we should do both or try to.

                  Lets see how it goes.. I’ve had a couple bursts of anger and its freaked them out so much that they are agreeing to anything , I don’t want that , I need them to open their eyes and see the world be excited , be open to new things.

                  I can discount R for not doing that, a grown man has set in ideas I can accept that and plus I’m not his mom i don really care, he is what he is . what i cannot accept is a 16 yr old who wants to only do certain things. why? how do you learn by closing yourself off. Why should you have preconceived notions, how can you ,without experiencing all life has to offer. wont that change you into a boring person? oh well let see what happens.

I’m rambling but I need to get it off my mind. Take a stand and stick to it. even if it causes short-term no vacation pain 🙂   for me it is great pain.