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                  Spring is here, warm days mixed with cool nights. makes for lovely walking weather and when it rains makes for a good book, hot tea and vada weather. Either way it’s not blogging weather. I’ve downloaded a bunch of Tamil songs from college days and I walk , lost in them, the greenery and hills around me make me think I’m so lucky, I should thank god , I should never complain, at least about the present. and least of all about life.

                I also have access to the fabulous Mal, who cooks like a dream and I get food if I want from her – so yummy, tasty and healthy and life is all set and for a change the family likes her food too. The stars in my life have truly lined up 🙂

  • The veggie garden is going strong.
  • Tomatoes, strawberry, lettuce on the deck – protected from wildlife , Really it’s so I don’t tempt them.
  • Raised bed is growing spinach, beans, snap peas, eggplant, cukes, peppers and zucchini . yep a regular farm here , no veggies in sight yet.
  • Strawberries are here but I read I need to lop the flowers off the first year for the root systems to develop. I can’t get myself to do it to all of them, so I’m sparing some and hoping for organic, delicious strawberries.
  • Lettuce is growing like a weed thanks to cooler weather. maybe we will donate them to less lazy friends.

The days I cook I do a paratha with veggies all mixed in and top it with ghee 🙂 and we munch on it. teen R eats it with peanut butter ( we don’t ask why and we don’t comment either, we just quickly walk away )  🙂
Ms.A loves them with kefir cheese dip ( yep strange kids) but again that that man that that taste.

This Recipe for dal, spinach paratha just happened, with left over dal, left over frozen spinach and surprisingly turned out terribly tasty, so here goes…

1/2 cup cooked thick dal – any dal works even with tadka
1 cup whole wheat flour / atta
½ tsp ginger garlic chili paste
lemon juice to taste + salt
1/2 cup spinach thawed/cooked/heated up..


Mix everything into a smooth dough , rest for a while and make rotis…