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                     Every year our town puts an awesome memorial day parade, The veterans, fire , police services march along with the High School and Middle School bands and lots and lots and lots of scouts and guides. People come out in droves it is fun and solemn at the same time, there’s cemetery stops, state reps attending and speeches and bugles , We have it all. This year the forecast was rain which put a damper on the events. however the HS marching band marched  but not much else except the band the veterans and the armed forced guard. we had a shortened parade and I thought.

  • Why? why should rain stop and shorten the show, unless it’s accompanied by thunder/lightning or dangerous.
  • Why did the Middle School  band not play ? Will the scouts and guides melt if they march in the rain ( which was a drizzle most of the time)
  • Shouldn’t we be honoring those that served irrespective of the weather. They didn’t fight and die only in sunshine did they?
  • The weather was warm, everyone has rain coats and umbrellas what stops people from lining up.
  • We did have a fairly decent turnout not the whole lot  but still unless one is ill or a small child or some such does a bit of rain matter ?
  • I was so proud of the high-school band director who didn’t cancel ,  handed out raincoats and marched the teens down main street. and lo behold everyone was fine . Teen R including 🙂
  • Sure they were  wet but still fine  and having fun and quite colorful in the red rain coats  🙂

                        I do believe there are times when you have to be out, when you have to show support, when you have to tolerate inconvenience and this was one of those and I was a bit sad that we didn’t have the full force out ,  I don’t know the reason for that call so I’m going to leave it alone. yet a little part of me was so happy to see the town carrying on. what’s a little rain when people gave up lives for the benefit of others.