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The dreaded Dance recital/ fundraiser  is back – annual day held once in 2 years was back 🙂  teen R cannot understand why it’s called annual day if its only once in 2 years , but then I told him to just be quiet.

I like my days slow-moving, calm and free. I don’t do well with rushed practices and lots of driving and work over the weekend. But this event is big , and what needs to done must be done. and trust me  Bharatanatyam is not a calming type event. At least not in our life. Cant complain it is for a worthy cause but im entitled to a bit of whining I guess.

  • We spent many eve in the last week dropping, picking, sewing, procuring all kinds of things .
  • Getting stuff tailored in india for kids over the phone and internet deserves a whole post . it’s an exercise in frustration . especially for a group.
  • Trials , Fitting, re-stiching and finally giving up and deciding on Pins thanks to my limited tailoring ability .
  • Sat dawned with driving back and forth , long rehearsal and an even longer day , Thank god for R who acts as my driver and just drives while I mindlessly drink tea and watch the same scenery passing by while making lists in my head.
  • Sunday was D-Day for Ms.A who surprisingly never gets stressed or nervous.
  • Breakfast, lunch prep and then dressing started. lesser said about that the better.
  • It is simply impossible to put eyeliner on blinking Ms.A , my eyesight deserted me ( old age??) .
  • Hair is a whole another story which was made worse with Ms.A lopping off pieces from the front a few months ago  ( the self-made bangs effort)
  • We decided that we were late and hit the venue half-dressed much to Ms.A’s horror. Much better to be on time than to be dressed fully – My motto   🙂
  • There is something to getting dressed in a group, there is always a mom with a steady hand, one with fantastic ideas for hair and one a whiz with pins.
  • And many thanks to those moms all was well and happy.
  • Then came the rushing home, eating ( or not) and getting dressed and driving back with a bored Teen R who had to be reassured many many times that YES the auditorium had good phone coverage.
  • It is so amazing to see the bond between senior and jr students, their care, concern and love. so so cute.
  • It was a relief to put my butt down in A/c comfort , at that point I didn’t really care if she danced or fell off the stage. Either way I would have been happy.
  • The peace lasted 2 hrs, then the removal of all adornments and whining and tiredness and shower and finally Ms.A was down. and I wondered…..

I Am not cut out for this . Why do I agree to this…. cause…In all it was a fantastic, professional truly amazing show. The kids totally rocked it.