Idli is on my list of Favorite food. It’s on top of Ms.A’s list too, The rest are tormented by it but eat it . I love the convenience and the ease of making it and it just feels healthy. All was well with our bi monthly Idli grinding and eating deal till R decided he was trying to go low carb.. seriously!!! no Idli, no curd rice. I’m glad I don’t get such crazy ideas, low carb will kill me or at the very least make me seriously depressed.

                  My friend J during a wine drinking session gave me insight into moong dal Idlis. OMG idlis without rice !!!! what is the world coming too. My MIL and mom now think I’ve gone crazy but it is awesome . Soft, fermented ( no issues) and totally doable in the Vitamix.. and no rice to drive the low-carb man crazy.  Its light and I can eat a bit more than normal and I don’t taste any difference, but then again  idly is not eaten plain.

The recipe is v simple, 2 cups moong dal (split yellow)  to 1 cup urad dal ( whole), 1 spoon fenugreek. Soak separately grind and mix together and ferment . This can be made into dosa too after adding 2 spoons rice floor. Its light, healthy and easy, what more can one ask 🙂

  • I soaked and ground the fenugreek separately first for a few min and then added the urad in.
  • I tried it both in the wet grinder and vitamix
  • works well , in the vitamix , used ice cubes to grind so as to not cook the urad.