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Just came back from an amazing girls weekend. should we call ourselves girls???  .. heck yes.

  • It was fun, refreshing, free ,joyful and all possible stuff.
  • There is something very liberating in this uninhabited chatting and laughing and sharing.
  • No one bats an eyelid at the crazy shit you have done. they’ve done some equally crazy stuff.
  • Amazingly Ms.A kept the texting to reasonable amounts.
  • R missed me the most, It was nice to be back home . Must be getting old 🙂
  • I don’t think Teen R noticed I was gone 🙂
  • The spa was a super idea, and dressing up for dinner was fun.
  • Drinking copious amounts of wine ( for which I have no tolerance) does not make for a fun wake up in the morning.

and now on to Egg Paratha.

                 I’ve always made egg Paratha but making Rotis first and pouring the spicy egg mixture with onions in a pan, laying the Roti on top and letting it cook and then tossing some dry bhaji inside and rolling the roti, omlette mixture.
However a friend shared her recipe of stuffing the Roti with a mixture of boiled grated egg, chilies, onions, spices and coriander and oh boy was it heavenly.
This makes it like aloo Paratha , spice can be manipulated and it doesn’t have the Roti with omelette eggy tag on it.

               The stuffing is a grated egg mixture no different from potatoes and sometimes she adds a potato to it. v healthy and super tasty without smelling like an omelette. Can even add grated veggies into it. I never even thought of this idea before. huh

                   And that’s what I have been making religiously much to Teen R’s horror. 3 days in a row !!!!!