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                      Ms.A had a dance program this sun, The actual program was about 6 min in all , the prep time for this was enormous, Traditional arts is truly a time-consuming skill which requires loads of practice and patience. I don’t think I could have done this, the constant practice, the constant attention to detail, the perfection, etc., but Ms.A loves it ( so far) and is ready to put in the time for it. so it’s a great thing for her. However the actual performance is a whole different matter, now I have to get involved in the dressing and the makeup and Ms.A is picky picky picky . I guess the makeup is the big attraction and it can never be done perfectly by me 🙂 so the whole day is shot, we prep, we select, we iron, we start , we cleanse, we redo and cleanse again till I give up and threaten to cancel the whole thing and after reassurances that it’s not too bright nor too light she grudgingly agrees 🙂 whew!! Again partly my fault since makeup is an art which i have no idea about

               By then I’ve pretty much lost any desire to move. I feel like taking a nap and yet we plod on . I can’t wait for her to grow up and deal with this on her own, she can cleanse and redo however many times she wants and I can show up and be a supportive parent rather than a harassed tired one.
R tells me she takes after me the quest for it to be just so 😦

This is the recipe for a Moong dal type soup, it actually tastes pretty good as a subzi/ dal except id add green chilies . But its a filing soup with the coconut milk added in and does great simmering gently in a crock pot , I’ve tried cooking the Moong and then  transferring it to a crock pot and adding the coconut milk in. keeps it warm.


4 Tbsp  oil/butter/ghee
1 Tbsp whole cumin seeds
Some crushed garlic and ginger
1  tomato chopped
Coriander pwd + turmeric + red chili powder + salt
1 cup Moong beans,( green whole)
1/2 cup coconut milk ( coconut can be blended and used too)
1 lime + cilantro


Heat oil/Ghee, add cumin . Add the ginger+ garlic, and sauté, add chopped tomatoes.
Then add all spice powders. saute till tomatoes are cooked.
Add the 3 cups water and mung beans.  simmer for 30 minutes, Once beans are cooked , stir in the coconut milk, and simmer for 5 min.
Top with cilantro and lime. Done

  • The amount of water decides if it’s a dal/subzi or soup dish.
  • Any other Indian spice and any veggie can be added I guess.