Teen R is 16,  A very happy 16th birthday to the first-born.  Its been  16 years  of  fun, joy , yelling, laughing, arguing and awe. I now know it’s not easy raising a child but it’s also quite fun.

  • Teen R was a cute baby,  a stunner, always smiling, very loving ,never crying and of course never eating 🙂
  • I don’t remember him ever eating lunch  till he was in 7 th grade. EVER.
  • For 4 years he diligently picked his sister from the bus stop and watched her  till we got home in the evening, consistently.
  • Yet He can annoy her without any effort in a second , it’s apparently a skill !!!
  • He loves traveling and is an easy going teen.  A very by the book kind but also happy with very little  🙂

In all we seem to have lucked out, from his easy-going nature, his  brilliance in math , his total lacking foreign language skills, his caring for his sister and his stance about politics, His ambition, His satisfaction with small things. he is his very own person. stubborn ,  open with a strong mind and a strong sense of right and wrong. I can’t even imagine we had a hand in this.

           All  I  hope and pray for is he is very happy in life doing whatever he wants and doing something good for society. giving back .

                Here’s wishing my baby boy a very very  happy 16th 

Have fun , be happy, that’s all that matters . Keep in mind   —  ‘ Aramseiyya virumbu’  – ‘ always want to do good’  🙂