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            Sun, Sand, Beach for 6 whole days in Puerto Rico  …  pure heaven. The day we left we went from sub-zero temps to a perfect 80F . saying we were excited is a gross understatement…

  • Beach side resort can’t be beat.
  • Learning to surf , barely getting on the board was awesome, body surfing was super .
  • Long walks with waves lapping our feet ,  in the warm sun is a luxury
    Eating all kinds of junk was super awesome and Hydrating with cocktails can’t be beat.
  • Nothing to do , no agenda but very active, going from beach to pool to beach to lounge to walk  made us all feel so active.
  • Went kayaking in the bio-luminescent bay at night . Had to go thru mangroves first in the dark  😦
  • Me and Teen R make an awesome kayaking pair , Useless and don’t care. Terrible at kayaking, alternating hitting both sides of the mangrove channel.
  • It was a whole lot of giggling, calling out –  right and left and collapsing in laughter. I think the guide despaired of us.
  • Seeing the glowing plankton’s was super awesome. nature at its best.
  • Coming back was so much easy, with the current no effort needed however we hit the banks we missed while going in  🙂 out steering abilities are not that great . We were soaked.
  • Saw some old forts. and old lovely towns, Very well maintained.
  • The Spanish had control of the fort for over 3 centuries.  which is an amazing an eternity in history, very few empires have control over a place for such a long time. Its fascinating in itself.
  • The food was so so, not much variety and we are seriously off plantains for a while, a looooong while.
  • The highlight was out delayed cancelled flight which gave us an extra day in paradise on the airlines tab… now how can a vacation get any better than that. :-)Now we’re back at work, school, home and soothing our sunburned body with aloe 😦  and dreaming of the days in the sun…. I feel for the kids, focusing, exams , studying after this fun….is tough.