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                            It’s almost end of Jan, yay a nice vacation in 3 weeks and another short break mid march and we are past winter. Cant wait for warm weather. As I get older the cold seeps into my bones , or so I feel. yet we enjoy the days , all of us crowing in to the tiny Office with a wall of windows. running the extra room heater non stop , running the humidifier too, and hanging out uselessly discussing the worlds issues in a warm tropical atmosphere  🙂

                 My friend S enlightened us all on a healthy substitute to sabudhana kichidi, yes the lovely, tasty, carby sabudhana kichidi that i rarely make but eat in copious amounts when its available. It’s very simple just substitute the sabudhana with Quinoa . Cook the quinoa , cook a bit , don’t make it mushy and mix with crushed peanuts all masala . Do the tadka and add this in and stir fry. Done. Much faster than soaking sabudhana etc and can use the traditional recipe handed down by grandma just healthier. I honestly can’t detect any change in taste or texture, yes it’s less chewy but really quick , easy and tasty.

                The midterms are over, for teen R . Not that it bothered him, I didn’t see him study much and I find that so nice , he understood the concepts and applied it, unlike the mindless mugging I did 🙂 progress I think . I was imagining my 10th grade , oh the horror. Plus I find it refreshing that not much stresses the Teen R , the stuff gets my BP going a bit but his doesn’t even budge. When I calm down I realize it’s a nice trait to have in life.