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           We travel quite a bit and long flights are taken in stride, we usually don’t mind sitting separately or wherever assigned and are I believe quite tolerant. in short it takes quite a bit to rile us especially when we are on our way to Vacation 🙂 and our recent trip was one such.

              Recently we were going west, The flight was full  ( as usual) and in the row in front of us was a 15 month old ( or younger) with the most idiotic ( sorry to say) parents, . She was a cutie and started off by amusing herself, the take off was a bit uncomfortable for her but she survived, no juice, no candy nothing just her parents talking loudly with a friend.  Then after a while bored she wanted to be walked in the aisles and she had quite the lung power  🙂   however her parents were of the firm belief that no matter how much she screamed , even if the seat belt sign was off and the stewardess told them they could walk around  they would sit in their seats and refuse to budge .. now being a mom of 2 kids and having traveled with them long distances and alone I know we have no control over their behavior and any parents hates for the baby to be suffering.  In an effort to help a co-passenger offered to take the baby and walk the aisle. initially she fussed and then she started smiling – like magic. The stewardess actually encouraged it and were so nice. A few others took turns, after all it was for a couple more hours and she was a friendly child and beginning to nod off .

                     You’d think by now the parents would get the hint . NOPE. They refused to walk , took the child back and decided a screaming child was  the way to go. so the poor baby was at it for an hour, then she threw up, then exhausted , slept , woke up again and the screaming started for an hour or so till we landed . in between when she slept the parents kept a loud conversation going in Hindi . real loud. In all it was a flight from hell. while getting off the mom smiled and said they were trying to teach the child !!!!  teach a 1 yr old on a plane – self-control ?? brilliant !!… oh and  plane bathrooms are not the cleanest so apparently the poor things soiled diaper was not changed for 6+ hrs… some people really shouldn’t  be parents, but then unfortunately commonsense is not a pre-requisite to having kids …. sigh… We hear so many incidents of irate passengers but from what I  saw , everyone around  was so nice, accommodating and sympathetic — to the poor child. 🙂

I think i was more annoyed at the loud jabbering by the parents rather than at crying, but I was thrilled that the world is predominantly still a good place with helpful folks…