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                    Happy new year !! Yes a bit late but then such is life. Christmas break is over so with a mixture of sadness and happiness we are back to routine. Sadness because I have to wake up early and can’t loll around till whatever time. Happiness that I get to come back to work. After 11 days with family time I’m so happy to be at work, It gives me a sense of being useful and actually just plain glad I have someplace to go . Very thankful to come to work and thankful I have a job I like and a good pay  🙂

  • We went on a 7 day vacation.
  • Teen R and Ms.A think 7 days is too much if it’s not a beach vacation !!
  • Teen R and me get a nasty headache in Vegas. the lights, sounds ,crowds, smell, smoke just kill us.
  • We all Love grand canyon, awe inspiring ,and outdoors makes us happy and calm .
  • Nothing absolutely nothing can beat a sunrise Hike in the grand canyon.
  • After about 3 hrs staring at the canyon from all angles and places Ms.A declared she was ready to leave, she was done with the hole in the ground 🙂
  • We hate gambling, Seeing people there makes me feel sad and bad for them.
  • David Copperfield is one heck of an illusionist, he managed to keep cynical teen R in awe ..
  • Loved the bathroom in the Venetian we took showers 3 times a day 🙂  just for the sheer fun .
  • The spa in Venetian is another wonder.. amazing amazing calming place that costs a fortune but needs to be experienced.
  • We probably walked about 60 Miles in those 7 days, Even getting a cup of tea in Vegas ,at least the place we stayed consists of walking a mile – all indoors.
  • Ms.A loves crepes, we all do , All that walking didn’t do much probably because we consumed thousands of calories..
  • A red-eye return flight where 2 kids one of them almost an adult rests on your shoulder while you are stuck in tiny steel seats is pure unmitigated hell.
  • Looking forward to 2016, Hope there much fun to be had this year and lots of peace and joy.