I love candles.  I’m  very partial to scented ones- sandalwood rose , I also like scented soy candles. From what little I knew Soy candles don’t do harm and burned clean unlike the paraffin ones. but now I know better  🙂 or so I think.. I heard a short talk by a scientist on the benefits of beeswax candles or rather the no toxin candles as he calls them and I’m impressed, terribly. Guess we’re going on a beeswax buying spree. It is expensive but has a very long burn time and I actually like the natural scent or mild honey, That is once I stopped to smell them  and appreciate. I’ve smelled this a zillion times but it took a min of silence , no light and a calm mind to actually appreciate it. so no more soy candle. no more scented ( I hope) just pure beeswax.

                   I also learnt that  salt rocks are good for the air. never knew that , I liked them for their mood lightning but I didn’t know it’s good properties and apparently its the best night light, Emits the right kind of soothing light to sleep , guess I could start staring at this instead of the electronics and benefit from a better sleep. I’m going to put one in every room , plus if I get the electric ones R wont freak that I’ll burn the house down.

                    What’s the harm ,we spend  so much on so many things, this weekend will go blow some $$ for a cleaner air in side the home .. all I need is  an excuse 🙂