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               Chennai has been inundated with water, The city known for no water is literally floating. Luckily family and friend are safe ,I realize I have amazing friends who are so helpful and who give so much.
They went out in this mess and helped unknown people, Seriously waded in knee-deep dirty water for hours.. wow that’s selfless. This is what makes us human and makes life shinier. I’m not even thinking of the cleanup in the aftermath. the trash and the disposal. the logistics are going to be a nightmare hope bright minds come up with a solution.

                   That brings me to the place I live, here they charge you for trash pickup and that’s restricted to a can, albeit a large one. This in turn has forced us to reduce waste 🙂 It has also forced us to rethink randomly buying stuff, limiting what we have etc., all for the good . For example Teen R has a bunk bed, a really old cheap one from IKEA which he has been using for the past 12 years 🙂 very durable….Lately it makes all kinds of noises and creaks every time he turns plus the mattress is thin and hard and he claims terrible and not that good.

                       OK,  we decide to change it but how do we dispose it ?  Its going to be a hassle to take apart, pay for disposal etc., so we simply took down the top mattress , and put it on top on the bottom one in which he sleeps. lo and behold awesome support, no cost no waste 🙂 However R tells me this summer we have to move it out. why do we have to get a new one, what’s wrong with a narrow bunk bed , so what if its ugly as long as it supports his back and he’s fits I think we are good for the next 10 years 🙂 In 2 years he’s going off to college and we will send these mattresses with him and maybe replace them for home so he can use it when he comes for holidays? I mean why redo the room where he only goes to sleeps ?

                      I think we as humans waste too much. Just because we can afford it doesn’t mean we have to buy it. lets see how much longer I can get my way. I’ve mentioned about the 100 things per person deal and Ms.A looks at me in horror . As it is people call me the sparse queen. I hate furniture, hate clutter and love clean open spaces, don’t like appliances , no knick knacks and generally donate and recycle every month , at this rate according to Ms.A we will have NOTHING!!!!!!! ahh my drama queen.

But is that so bad 🙂 Simple living  is happy living  and easier cleaning …