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  • 2015 has been a year of reunions for me. In summer we had one with my high school friends and now one with a few college mates. Both have been awesome.
  • This past weekend 10 of us from college met after 22 yrs .
  • The noise level and intensity was so high … We laughed almost non-stop and literally had no sleep. oh and we ate.. way too much .
  • Monday feels so desolate and letdown after the weekend fun.
  • We are all so different in our thoughts, actions , mind, principles etc., it makes me see the world with new eyes and irrespective of this ,such companionship, totally unrestrained.
  • Listening to us jabber one would think we were 20  ( or younger) .
  • Got a refresher on Hyderabadi hindi,, and hilarious anecdotes.
  • It’s so funny, you agonize about life at 20 and yet here we are all happy and capable and successful in what we choose to do. It’s a lesson for me to not push my kids  , Everyone has a niche in this world and they will too.
  • Even after 2 days of nonstop chatter there was more to talk , pictures and  opinions to be shared, discussions and teasing.
  • We reminisced about the crazy stuff  we did in college and looking back we were quite tame 🙂
  • Our 2  hosts were amazing, They put us up , fed us constantly , and drove us around made multiple trips to the airport and taught me a thing or two about grace and hosting .
  • Such unconditional love and willingness to go the extra mile for friends , putting their lives on hold .. I don’t know if I can match it but surely makes me want to try.
  • I really really really want to meet them again I hope we can do this again soon, real soon .