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  • Karthigai prep and Karthigai party prep  slowly starting, Mostly in my head 🙂
  • This weekend I’m traveling for fun so not sure when stuff will get bought. But looking forward to lighting up the house.
  • Ms.A surprises me sometimes, we usually do rangoli /flowers/candles all over including center of the rooms.
  • She came and told me we should do corner designs this yr and avoid the center  since  we don’t want anyone’s fancy clothes catching fire.
  • Never struck me to change what we usually do , I just thought people will use their eyes. oh well
  • So looking up corner Rangoli designs on the net, and Ms.A is as picky as can be. of course doing a random design is sacrilege !!
  • We have many different colored rice ready dyed . I think we will have fun. or at the least a mess.
  • The cleaners come Tuesdays so I told Ms.A lets do it Tuesday night since the party and karthigai is on wed.
  • She calmly told me she cannot be rushed, she will clean the corners and do it during the weekend slowly and the cleaners can avoid that area 🙂
  • She seriously freaks me out, I thought I was the planner , this one is worse than me.
  • She also wants to participate in an essay writing for her grade.. its voluntary .. who does extra work eh!!!
  • she wrote a rough draft, fair draft and is on the third and hopefully final piece and  expected corrections on the drafts .. is she really our child???
  • Her PT mtg went well the only complaint they had was, she takes time to put her thoughts on paper and she doesn’t need that much detail and she over thinks and it takes time !!!
  • Really that’s a complaint ??  maybe they simply forgot Teen R who was in that exact same class. maybe we should send him back to give them a dose of  2 lines in a page, no content , no rule  following , do as he pleases  and general day dreaming..
  • Maybe it’s because We are her parents, maybe because we’ve gone thru Teen R , maybe we are too lazy , but we think she does just fine.
  • Sure she has a mind of her own and it rarely is in sync with authority but heh we can’t have everything can we…