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  • Whew,  Navrathri , Halloween and Diwali over.
  • Danced , Garbha, Golu hopping carb coma over.
  • Sweets , making, distributing, eating, sugar fix almost over.
  • Again managed only ladoos , halwa and cornflakes chivda 😦
  • one of these years I must do a traditional spread. just to prove to myself I can.
  • This weekend we have a few parties to complete the Diwali eating.
  • Then comes our favorite – KARTHIGAI .. YAY
  • Lots of color, flowers, candles and not so much eating  or so i hope 🙂
  • We have  a party at home and I’m hoping everyone will stick to the finger food theme . We shall see.
  • Its not really a traditional party, lights etc., are there but also the wine, beer, Punch.
  • Then comes thanksgiving.. oh lord will the eating binge end…
  • Yes I can always not eat but when good friends make delicious food  and invites and sweets and send it home !!! I find I really don’t have ANY self-control 🙂
  • Thank god we are leaving on vacation for the Christmas – there will be no stopping the cookies and desserts  binge otherwise.