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  • Navrathri is here,  Golu hopping, Garbhas, dressing up, Silk Sarees, and more important getting Ms.A dressed to her satisfaction. Never an easy feat.
  • I just make a sweet on day 1 and this year I made it 3 days earlier !!!
  • As a quick option I made apple halwa. Apple pulp + milk + mava+ sugar + cardamom , toss in the slow cooker and apple halwa was ready in the evening. It was tasty but the texture was kind of mushy and wet.
  • It could have done with some stove top cooking and a bit of ghee. but then I left this on the counter to cool and wait for garnish and went for a walk  and it was gone before I was back.
  • They thought it was apple sauce !!!! how on earth do you confuse indianish halwa with apple sauce.. oh well .
  • Ms.A said she thought it was Jam , really why would you eat Jam off a bowl anyway ??
  • In the end I offered fruit , which I should have done in the first place . These kids like the strangest things.
  • We have started Diwali prep. Oh yeah some years we are very prepared some years we run around on D-day. This is shaping up to be a prepared year.
  • Then comes karthigai my favorite, looking around for Rose tea lights this year… a rose themed karthigai perhaps. depends on the day it falls on, and our Mood and the level of angst at work i guess.
  • Fall is lovely not too cool just crisp and beautiful. School is not so lovely 🙂 just the waking up early morning is a killer, but we do what we have to and plod on.
  • The drops and pickups are slowly getting on my nerves can’t wait for Teen R to start driving, the child shows no urgency WTH !!!! apparently he likes being chauffeured around . Just my luck.