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                 Caulicream, Cauliflower cream sauce  🙂 I don’t know how I missed this whole thing, maybe because I don’t hit up pintrest . It’s so simple and so healthy Just  saute cauliflower with garlic, onion, carrots ( optional) and boil with 2 cups water or broth( option again) and puree with half the water used for boiling to a creamy consistency, add 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese or any cheese or omit and lo behold.. creamy white pasta sauce that is no different from Alfredo and healthy to boot. Amazing .
I tried this and it was dinner as usual no one could tell till I burst it upon them after which Teen R said he felt a disgusting aftertaste and didn’t like it ( that’s how a teens mind works) Ms. A the true test didn’t even care and she loved it .. so that’s what is going in any and every Alfredo sauce from now on. I will add a bit more cheese just because they love cheese but caulicream it is…

Its 3 weeks in to school and tests and HW and Teen R is swamped . really they need to let up on those high schoolers a bit. I think it was so much easier when I was in high school, sure the pressure was there but not consistently for 4 years.
Ms.A is in a higher grade, and a new school which of course we hate since they actually make you study 🙂 A typical conversation with her …

Ms.A : I don’t like this school at all
ME    : Why
Ms.A : the teacher said I have to finish writing  even if I don’t  feel like it
Me    : why didn’t you feel like it
Ms. A: cause I like to play
Me    : OK tell her you will finish tomorrow
Ms. A: I wont feel like it tomorrow too. (therein lies the problem 🙂 )
Me   : don’t you like to be educated, learn new things  science, read new books…
Ms. A: yes
me   : Aha see you like to learn
Ms. A: I like to play even more than all that stuff
Me   : C’mon how about ART , you like that
Ms. A: I like to  play more than art too. and not Gym type play either ,  just play whatever I want…they don’t listen to me at school those teachers are v stubborn.

That’s the end of my patience at which point I time I tell her that she needs to be quiet , do her HW, follow the rules in class EVEN if she likes ONLY to play. and to keep her opinions about the teacher to herself ( or me) and say a prayer for those poor teachers, she probably makes them earn every cent of their pay.

I never had such issues  with Teen R , I don’t think such rebellion even crossed his mind. He of course has a whole host of organization issues he deals with, He is the most unorganized soul on this planet, fighting against his true nature of chaos and trying to emerge in one piece.. I try not to harp on it, he has the tools, I just pray for strength and leave it at that.
His school has everything online now, notification by texts, attendance, grades available every min of every day. Does anyone but me think it’s intrusive on the kids? every period attendance is on TXT. I know which class he attends when. his every activity is monitored. C’mon when I was a teen in high school what happened in school stayed in school and I got away with a heck a lot of stuff, Nowadays on one hand they push maturity and independence and on the other closely monitor and report ?? why??  Anyway it’s what it is. I tell Teen R not to be too conscious, just do what you want and if he decided to miss a class or two ( and do what I don’t know) then the world wont stop spinning.

I gloated to R that I visit the inside of our high school once a year during open house and mostly drive around dropping and picking and he reminded me we do have another child and most probably we will become intimately acquainted with the high school and principal and counselors etc once she make it that far. oh well that fixed my smugness 🙂
No point worrying, what will happen will happen.