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               Did you know Murukku can be frozen ?  and Molagu vadai and Thatai too 🙂 yes it can , we discovered this a few years ago and this year after my India trip I came back with tons of snacks. Thanks to my MIL and my friends who loaded us up with enough to last about a year. Yes I have an amazing MIL and an amazing friends. Plus  jaggery, palm sugar and a whole host of medicinal herbs and made powders that could be used for cold, cough, upset stomachs etc., I’m amazed at  the time, patience and effort that is involved in buying and prepping this and that too at my MIL’s age.

                She had also ordered sweet pongal at the temple as offering. The speciality in this temple is that daily they use new mud pots daily, they cook it in a new pot, offer it to god and give us the pot full of yummy goodness , Novel, clean and tastes awesome. I thought it was a great idea and was raving about it to my MIL ( for whom it was a given)  🙂

                I remembered the hot sakkara pongal and the few bites MIL gave us in the temple itself.. and decided to do it at home, right on time my dad called reminding us it was R’s star B’day ( yes he keeps track) . We don’t bother but he calls – never missed ever.

                  So I figured I’d use the Millets I got from India and make it a bit healthier. I also got some palm sugar ( Panam kalkandu) made from the palmyra palm/toddy palm.  In my spurt of enthusiasm which is often short-lived I made 2 types of sweet both using thinnai, one with jaggery and one with palm sugar. The palm sugar one does not have Moong dal and I did it in the crock pot. added the millet + palm sugar+ milk and let it do its thing..  as a bonus freezes so well. 🙂 so for posterity I add the recipe.

Thinnai sakara pongal/ Thinnai panam kalkandu payasam.

Thinai [foxtail millet]  –  1/2 cup.
Moong dal – 1/4 cup ( omit for kallkandu payasam)
Powdered jaggery –  1/4 cup ( or  1/4 cup palm sugar)
Milk – 1.5 cups
Ginger powder [sukku] – 1 pinch.
Saffron, Cashews , Raisins
Ghee – 1 tbs

Roast millet in a pan for a few minutes, color should not change. Roast Moong dal till it gives out a nice aroma.
Add Millet+Moong Dal + Milk + saffron in a pressure cooker and cook till done. ( I use the rice option on mine)  Once cooked, mash it well. heat Jaggery to liquid, add in to the Millet- Moong mixture. and mix well. let it stay on warm. Season with ghee and nuts. Done.
Or millet + palm sugar+ milk, cook and done  – kalkandu sadam.

  • Can be done in a  crock pot too, tastes awesome especially when left overnight – all gooey and mushy.
  • I have tried this only with Thinai , that millet does lend itself well to payasam.