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             This trip I reminisced about my grandma making thavala adai and the mild crunchy dish I’ve not had in such a long time and how my version lacks a certain pizzazz and lo behold  I was showered with Thavala adai’s, shown the method used by my grandma and demonstrated in  detail. All this from sources who saw and learnt from grandma  yay ..so before i forget i better get this down so when the craving hits I’m prepared 🙂

            This is a much quicker and more fool-proof that the one before. and instead of rice can use rice rava. I haven’t tried it yet ,  I’m quite saturated on thavala adai for now. I know Ms.A doesn’t like this much  have to try it on the others. so here goes. Ingredients pretty much remain the same. Now i want to try it using the Millets I got  in placed of rice.


Rice – 1 cups / alternately rice rava can be used.
Thur Dhal – 2 spoons
Black Pepper – 1 teaspoon
Cumin (Jeera) – 1 teaspoon
Coconut grated – 4-5 spoons to taste
Rice flour – 1 tbl spn ( optional to bind)
Oil –  to cook the adai’s
Salt -to taste

Wash both rice and dhal together and  dry . Semi powder it . If using rice rava just powder the dhal and mix the rice rava/dhal mixture lightly with water to make it damp.
In a pan take double the amount of water , add Jeera , coconut, asafoetida, pepper and salt, when it boils add the rice-dhal mixture, add rice flour if using , stir and after a few min turn off heat and close. When the dough is warm enough to handle, knead to form a cohesive mix.

At this point this can be stored for a few days 🙂  Heat a tawa and grease it. Take a lemon size dough and make a ball. Flatten it to small rounds with a hole in the center . liberally spread oil and cook covered till it turn light brown. Flip and cook other side till crisp.

  • This can be made as mild or as spicy as one wishes
  • Chopped curry leaf cab be added , tastes great