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Summer is flying by fast, I can’t imagine snow,cold and blustery winds ever come here . Lazy long days and evening. plenty of basketball, badminton, holidays, beaches, travel make it so much fun. Everyone is relaxed and happy.

  • We went sailing this weekend.
  • 2 hours in the open water refreshed us after a day full of walking and sights and history
  • MA shoreline is rocky and beautiful. It’s a moody shore wonderful in the sun and wonderful on a cloudy day too.
  • I’ve dreamt of sitting on the end of a sailboat and reading a romance novel with a glass of wine  while sailing the Atlantic.
  • It probably ranks high up on the list of impractical things to do, but its a dream. 🙂
  • I’ve yet to find anyone who would indulge me.

    Raised bed Gardening is going OK. 

  • A bit neglected except for basic watering, harvesting and weeding.
    harvested a lot of beans, cucumbers, eggplant and green pepper.
    ready to seed the next crop of beans.
  • Brussels sprouts was a big washout 😦
  • We have cucumbers coming out of our ears.. please god make it stop.
  • Okra plants are growing nicely just no okra producing happening. 😦

    Considering we have so many fresh veggies we just read about Ikerian longevity stew.

  • yes there is such a stew I’m not making it up and it’s all vegetarian.
  • Just a bunch of veggies and black-eyed peas with dill and olive oil.

Easy enough guess we’re going to be eating that  often.. longevity anyone 🙂
Next we are thinking of trying windsurfing. hopefully we wont kill the kids.